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2 March 2020: Moodle Updates

2 March 2020: Moodle Updates

by Lynde Davy -
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Recent updates have been made to the Moodle site. 

Additional Field

When creating an account, a field has been created which prompts each person to nominate their presbytery, prior to creating their account. This is towards the bottom of the additional formation, but it is a requirement, and must be completed in order to create an account. 

If you already have a Moodle account, you will be prompted to update your profile the next time that you log on. This information will be added/ updated in your profile (nominate your presbytery). 


When you are enrolled in each course, it is important that you are enrolled in your presbytery. You will be grouped together by your presbytery, and will only be able to see other students in your presbytery.