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Training Amnesty and timeframes

Training Amnesty and timeframes

by Lynde Davy -
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Training Amnesty

There is an amnesty in place for all Ministry Agents, lay staff and lay volunteers to complete Safe Ministry training by 31 March 2020, if the training has been completed previously. This means that all Ministry Agents, lay staff and lay volunteers can complete the refresher training module up until 31 March 2020, irrespective of how long ago they completed the initial Safe Ministry training. 

However this also  means that all Ministry Agents, lay staff and lay volunteers will have had January, February, and all of March to complete training, including access to training on line. As such, if they fail to complete the training by 31 March 2020, they may need to step aside from any work or volunteering with children until they commit to completing the training.

Furthermore, if they do not complete the training prior to March 31, then they will need to complete the training as if it’s never been done before – so they will not be able to do the shorter refresher course, they will need to complete both module 1 AND module 2 (for lay staff and volunteers) and module 1, 2 AND 3 for all ministry agents. 

Its extremely important for all volunteers, lay staff, and ministry agents to complete safe Ministry training, as the training covers a number of compulsory procedures and tasks, that state legislation requires, and as such, failing to complete training may have serious legal implications.