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Questions relating to: Leader-Child Ratio

Questions relating to: Leader-Child Ratio

by Lynde Davy -
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Playgroup scenario

The activity is a child-related activity, so each volunteer or leader must have completed SMC training and hold a blue card.

However the leader-child ratio does not apply in the case of playgroup, as the parent/carer/grandparent/guardian who is attending with the child/ren, is expected to supervise that child/ren. The leaders/ volunteers at playgroup are not providing the supervision for the child/ren.


Worship scenario

Worship is not a child-related activity.

However, the worship leader/ coordinator should have a blue card and should have completed SMC training whenever there is a child that is volunteering/ part of the worship team. The Worship leader/ coordinator is in essence the child’s ‘supervisor’ so needs to have both a blue card and have completed SMC training. The child that is part of the worship team is like an ‘unpaid employee’ and should therefore have a child-safe ‘work’ environment.


In relation to a child being part of the worship team and attending a worship rehearsal without their parent/carer/guardian present:

In the above scenario, where the child is at rehearsal and does not have a parent/carer/guardian with them then the worship leader/coordinator should be ensuring that the leader-child ratio is in place during this rehearsal time.