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New Elective Course Released: Providing Safe Online Ministry

New Elective Course Released: Providing Safe Online Ministry

by Lynde Davy -
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We want each and every person to be safe and to feel safe and respected as they participate in Uniting Church activities and events. We expect all adults and leaders to work together to help make sure this happens.  Carers, parents or guardians of children and vulnerable adults (children and adults with disabilities, the elderly, children and adults experiencing domestic and family violence, children and young people) should be able to expect the same degree of understanding of safe ministry care at all Uniting Churches in Queensland. 

This same level of safety applies to all online interactions through digital media. 

This short course provides strategies to safely remain connected, provide pastoral care, and discipleship through the use of digital media. 

WARNING: This course is designed to be completed by persons over the age of 18 years due to the sensitive and confronting nature of some of the material. However copies of each of the Activities have been listed separately, are designed to be utilised by anyone, and are suitable for use by children.